What Can Cats Eat From The Fridge?

What Can Cats Eat From The Fridge?

This is a question I get all the time.

This is a question I always had when I acquired kittens for the first time.

And of course, there’s a big difference in what a baby kitten eats compared to an adult cat.

At this time, our cats are about three and a half years old. And what the male cat will be fanatical about eating, his sister will turn her nose up to. (actually, she goes through the motions of covering it up like it’s poop!)

He loves human food and she’ll have nothing to do with it.

So, what can cats eat from the fridge? You may be surprised by how many human foods many cats will eat. And I will probably get some opposition to some of my answers, but, this is based not only on research but also on my own two cats, Merlin and Maisey.

What Can Cats Eat From The Fridge?

  1. Ice Cream

I’m going to start with my cat, Merlin’s favorite thing…ice cream.

I know you’ll see a lot about adult cats being lactose intolerant and milk and ice cream can cause their belly to hurt, diarrhea, and vomiting. And, I’ll agree with that if you feed it to them in excess.

But, it all comes down to the amount in most cases. And no chocolate ice cream. I bought Merlin his own little pint of vanilla ice cream. As long as you don’t give over a teaspoon of ice cream at a time, they’ll be fine.

I give Merlin five dabs about the size of my little pinky’s fingernail and although it’s a cold food, he gobbles it down. He’s never had a problem whatsoever. We actually bond over our ice cream! lol

But, remember, I’m not a veterinarian, so, I could be wrong about how YOUR cat would react.

But, at worst, it would be what I mentioned above, and definitely not extremely dangerous foods like chocolate or grapes.

As a side note, my grandparents had a big tabby on their farm and would give him a saucer of milk every night. The one thing about that, though, is the milk was freshly milked from the cow, so it had no processing or outside chemicals involved. That may be what the real issue is on a lot of foods these days.

  1. Raw Meat

This will probably get things stirred up. I’ve also read in different places to not feed your cat raw meats and most cat owners don’t ever think about it as a cat food. However, cats are naturally carnivorous. I don’t think they’d catch a mouse and bring it to you to fry up for them before they eat. They’ll eat it raw.

The same with birds, chipmunks, etc. I would argue that raw meats are better for your cat than cooked. Now, I will note that you need to be extremely careful and make sure it is fresh and not contaminated.

And again, our cat, Merlin, will tear up some meat that is raw in a heartbeat and not blink an eye and will climb our legs begging for more. We’ve never experienced any problems with him at all afterward and he’s as healthy as they come.

If feeding your cat uncooked meat worries you, there are a number of companies that sell raw cat food that has been freeze-dried or frozen. By providing them this, they are still getting the nutrients they would get from their natural prey but is safer. One of my favorite companies is Smalls and they have high ratings.

3. Eggs.

When Merlin and Maisey were kittens, the one thing they loved to eat was scrambled eggs. The one thing that eggs will be high in is fat, so, you don’t want to feed your feline friend eggs regularly, but, they are great for a treat!

And they don’t have to be scrambled. Any cooked eggs are OK as long as you don’t add seasoning.

Eggs are a great source of protein for your cat, which they need, but remember, lean meats should be the main item to have a balanced diet.

If your cat has health issues, always ask your veterinarian about feeding your cat eggs.

  1. Cooked Fish

Cooked fish is another meal that’s high in protein and Omega 3 which is good for your cat’s health. There is nothing wrong with giving them small amounts of cooked fish as a healthy snack or even mixing some in with their regular meals at times.

Many cat owners think that feeding their cats raw fish is okay, when, actually should be avoided. Feeding them raw fish can lead to gastrointestinal problems. It can also cause skin problems and problems with their coat. And last but not least, raw fish can have bacteria that can cause food poisoning.

So, make sure the fish is cooked, and definitely be sure you have all the little bones removed!

  1. Fruit

Believe it or not, a lot of fruits are safe for you to add to your cat’s diet, but, it doesn’t mean they’ll eat it. lol. Merlin is picky and finicky. Bananas appeal to him, but not strawberries, even though they’re safe. On the other hand, Maisey, his sister, turns up her nose to anything that’s not full-fledged cat food.

Here’s a list of fruits that are safe for your furry friend.

  • Bananas
  • Strawberries
  • Blueberries
  • Watermelon
  • Pears
  • Apples
  • Mango
  • Cantaloupe
  • Cranberries

If your cat wants some treats, you most likely have one of these fruits in your fridge, so serve up a bit and see how it goes. Again, don’t overdo it, but it’s good for here and there.

  1. Carrots

Cooked carrots, either steamed or boiled can be a nice, crunchy, and nutritious human food to add to your cat’s diet for vitamins and fiber. Just remember to not add any seasoning. Again, our cat Merlin will gobble them up and his sister Maisey, turns her nose up.

  1. Tuna

Plain and unsalted tuna in water is a good healthy treat for your cat, but, sparingly because of the mercury content.

  1. Yogurt

I mentioned ice cream in the beginning, but, plain yogurt is good for providing probiotics and calcium to your cat’s diet. Give them small amounts and monitor them in case they are lactose intolerant.

Other Human Foods Cats Can Eat

The good thing about your cat being able to eat this human food that’s in the fridge is if you happen to run out of cat food, then you have something that can be used for emergency meals.

There are other foods that are okay for them like green beans, but, generally, once they’re in the fridge, they are leftovers and that means they have seasonings in them and that won’t be good for them.

Other human foods they can have are spinach, cucumbers, steamed broccoli, peas, cheese, rice, oatmeal (raw or cooked; If cooked use water instead of milk), and pumpkin as long as they aren’t seasoned.

In Conclusion

So, what can cats eat from the fridge?

Ice cream, raw meat, eggs, cooked fish, fruit, yogurt, tuna, carrots, and quite a few others. You’ll also find even though my cats like these human foods, many cats may not. Like humans, each cat is different with their own set of likes and dislikes.

So, do as we do, offer your feline friend a taste each time your cooking, (before adding seasoning) and see if they like it or not. If they do, we just give them a very small portion to start, like thumbnail size, and make sure it agrees with them. Believe me, they’ll let you know if they don’t like it!

And anytime you’re unsure, always ask your veterinarian.

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